The Jade Promotions & Events Team

Jade Promotions & Events Team

Jade Promotions and Events Ltd has been bringing exhibitors and visitors together at quality events since 1990. With the Home and Garden Shows, Better Home and Living Shows and our newest event, The New Zealand Home and Lifestyle Show at the iconic Eden Park, we run 11 annual events throughout New Zealand.

Owners Josh & Emily Shanley, Hamish McBeth and Tim McBeth lead the team with a hands on, can-do Kiwi attitude. As a New Zealand owned and operated family business running the nation’s largest home show network we know what works and how to make it happen from the ground up.

Home shows are our core business so we devote all our resources to delivering dynamic events every time. With our extensive experience and our in depth knowledge of the New Zealand marketplace we create consistently successful shows for both exhibitors and visitors.

More about us:

Josh Shanley – Technical Director Josh Shanley

Running events like our Home and Garden shows is quite a change from housing construction and managing a team of builders, but there is a lot of cross over with many of the show exhibitors displaying products and services I am familiar with. Problem solving skills are a must in this business – we have to be prepared for the unexpected! I enjoy spending time outdoors with our family and am a keen surfer.


Emily Shanley – Finance & Administration  Emily Shanley

My accounting background and passion for social media and marketing adds complimentary skills to our management team. I am really enjoying building Jade Promotions social media footprint which we believe is one of the keys to success in our business. Outside of work our family of 4 children keeps me well occupied.


Hamish McBeth- Managing Director Hamish McBeth

Coming from a corporate engineering background it was a breath of fresh air to be able to work in a family business making quick decisions that allows us to be nimble and reactive. Outside of the daily office work I like to stay fit with trail running, mountain biking and stand up paddle boarding, plus whatever other events and adventures are on at the time.