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3Dfy.me LTD

3Dfy.me is a New Zealand owned and operated start-up with the mission to bring affordable, high-quality full-body 3D-digitisation services to consumers, corporate and public organisations.
We use state-of-the-art digital 3D-capturing technology to create 3D-printed photo-realistic, full-colour min-replicas (figurines) of people, dogs or objects.
Once captured we store your digital 3D-model in your protected online account and you'll be able to interactively view, share, download or 3D-print your 3D-image in full colour and gorgeous detail.
You can hire our 3D-digitisation services for your corporate event or media asset production. Get in touch with our team to provide you with a tailored service proposition.

Find out more here: https://3dfy.me