Alpaca Suri-Bol

Alpaca Suri-Bol

We are a small family business based in Auckland. From our home country of Bolivia we started our business in 2005 selling just a few varieties of alpaca products.

Since then our business has grown.  One thing we have really enjoyed is the connection that we make with the clients while sharing our own heritage.

Fair Trade Conditions

Our products come mainly from Bolivia but some items also come from Peru.

They are made by individual families, people who have made a living in this way for centuries and their experience is passed on through the generations.

So our prices ensure that the artisans who prepare these garments are given a fair price and they also reflect our desire to please the customers in New Zealand.

They are handmade in Andean alpaca communities which are often set in beautiful locations at altitudes of 12,000+ feet.  Many people there live in harmony with nature. We purchase these under Fair Trade conditions from local people who make living out of it.

the Sanchez family