Fur Dressers & Dyers (Westland) Ltd

Fur Dressers & Dyers (Westland) Ltd

NZ-Possum fur is a soft yet robust Luxury Fur.  Incredibly warm the fibers are  hollow, which gives the fur excellent insulation properties to retain heat. 

 Possum/Merino knitwear is lightweight, very warm and can be easily washed

 Our Possum knit blends are made up of  fine Merino wool, Possum fiber and a small percentage of either Silk or Nylon added for strength

 Possum fiber contains Natural Anti-bacterial components; meaning less need for laundering and no smells in footwear!

The Australian Brushtail Possum was first introduced to New Zealand in 1860. Now considered a pest in New Zealand; when you buy our Possum products you also support protection of our NZ Native Birds and Forests that are currently being devastated by the Possum

 We have a World-wide customer base, there are no International Custom restrictions on any of our  Knitwear or Furs

 There is NO farming of Possum in NZ. 

We purchase our Possum hides and fur from Local NZ Trappers & Hunters, North and South Islands. 

Our Hokitika, West Coast NZ address is an operating Workroom and Retail outlet in one. We welcome visitors and are happy to show our work and answer questions.

From very small beginnings in 1969;  We know our stuff and are proud to say we are  'The Possum People'  Hokitika, New Zealand.