Limoncello Sovrano

Limoncello Sovrano

Andrea & Marzia were born in Northern Italy, Andrea’s family is of Sicilian origin, and Marzia’s family origins are from Mantova. They both emigrated to New Zealand in 2007 and set in the magical Kerikeri.

Marzia’s family has been in the wine making business for generations.

Andrea’s family has a tradition in Liqueurs.

Having a family experience and having tasted many hundreds of different Limoncello in their life, Andrea & Marzia know the importance of using fresh and perfect ingredients.

The secret of Limoncello, must be in the persistent but not pungent and pleasant aftertaste.

After they had found the best lemons in Bay of Islands, and the best pure alcohol produced in New Zealand, Andrea & Marzia in the early 2009 began to produce the best and purest Sovrano Limoncello, and from the very beginning it was a success throughout New Zealand, with great results, and growing every day.

Their target is to produce the best and finest Limoncello Liqueur in New Zealand.

After conquering the New Zealand market, Andrea & Marzia want to bring their Sovrano Limoncello to the highest international level competitions in order to raise the Limoncello made in New Zealand to the highest level.