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Stoke Fireplace Studio brings you the best fireplace brands from near & far. A carefully curated collection of fireplaces that are both highly functional & stunning.

Whether you’re after the ease of gas or the romance of wood, Stoke has a variety of both to choose from.  From the clean lines and winning technology of Escea; to the edgy but sophisticated Spartherm and now the all new unconventional MODE fireplaces…. there’s one for every home.

Stoke has a team of fireplace experts on hand to guide you through the decision making process. Visiting the showroom lets you ‘try before you buy’ and experience all the fireplace features for yourself. And beyond the purchasing decision, the team at Stoke provide ongoing technical advice & support to ensure the installation of your dream fireplace goes without a hitch.

Want someone to check your fireplace will all work out with your plans and specifications? No problem. Stoke has a local team of experienced architects and builders on hand to help out with project planning and implementation.

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