Feng Shui Odyessy

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Feng Shui Odyessy

FENG SHUI Consultations for:

* Homes -  Room by room recommendations / personalised analysis for individual residents 

* Offices and work places - Recommendations for management, facing directions of desks, placement of office furniture and equipment, cash register placement and more...    

* House plan Consultations for building your new home - Design your new home according to Feng Shui principles to ensure auspicious positioning of doors, appliances, locations of rooms and additional features.  

* Garden Feng Shui - Recommendations for placements of water features, fire pits and barbeques, specific trees, shrubs and flowers. 

* Space Clearing - Purification of homes especially for relocating into a new home and clearing energy of previous tenants / Cleanse your home if there has been sickness or negative energy from violence or anger. 

* Feng Shui Workshops - Learn the foundation principles of Feng Shui yourself and bring along your own house plan so you can go home and implement chnages as soon as you have finished your workshop. A wonderful fun and interactive way of understanding the foundations of Feng Shui.