Genie in a Jar Ltd

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Genie in a Jar Ltd

Genie in a Jar cleans, exfoliates, moisturises and repairs. It provides soothing relief from all sorts of dry, itchy skin conditions. Repair those cracked heels and hard working hands!!
Relieve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis... dry skin on any part of your body from
head to toe... it even treats acne!

It removes foot odour, stops athletes foot and rids your hands of smells like onions, garlic and even
the smell of fish bait. IT'S A WISH COME TRUE!!

Not a girly flowery product either so men enjoy using it as much as ladies!!


Product Range Includes...A moisturising body scrub and a creamy light moisturiser.

Both products are hand made in New Zealand from only the highest quality essential oils and marine derivatives.  Genie in a Jar products contain no artificial additives. Genie in a jar uses only pure and natural Pacific sea salt. The Pacific is one of the most pure and cleanest seas in the world.

The six essential oils have been carefully blended to maximise health benefits and provide a skin perfume that delivers what has been described by users as the ‘WOW’ factor. On top of all this NO ANIMAL TESTING has taken place.

There are no petrochemicals, synthetic chemicals or preservatives, no ​para bans, silicone, formaldehyde, petrochemical derivatives, animal ingredients, sulphates, PEG emulsifiers, phenoxyethanol, sulphates, colours or other non botanical ingredients.  

You really need to come to the show and try this magic product for yourself. Try it on your hands for FREE to fully appreciate the amazing feeling that it provides after just one application!!