Lawn Rescue

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Lawn Rescue


We love Lawns. Always have. Always Will.

We believe there isn't a lawn that can't be rescued.

They provide a place to play, to relax, to connect. Big or small, they play a huge part in our quality of life outdoors.

+ Dethatching

+ Core aeration

+ Organic fertiliser

Lawn Rescue can;

- Improve tired, run down lawns and maintain new lawns
- Accurately calculate your area of lawn by GPS
- Offer a 100% natural, child and pet-friendly non-toxic fertiliser
- Get rid of unwanted moss
- Have your lawn breathing easy again and looking lush
- Add value to your property with careful lawn attention
- Deliver results at a fair price and are customer focused

Lawn Rescue also offer additional services such as a full Lawn Assessment, Over-seeding, Top Dressing, Spraying, Lawn Levelling, Lawn Edging and Irrigation installation.