Patney Ltd


Patney Ltd

The Patney anti-snore sleep positioner is a New Zealand designed, non-invasive, comfortable way to control snoring. Designed to control snoring for those people who sleep on their back or side. It is individually customised to support the sleeper’s weight and height. Patney supports the head, neck, jaw and shoulders, thereby promoting an open airway so the user can breathe freely. Made from sustainable natural latex from the rubber tree.

What makes our sleep positioner effective?

- It has the seal of approval from the WellSleep Centre, Otago University 

- It is designed and developed by a snorer, for snorers

- Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes us unique, because each Patney is customised to the individual to ensure you receive the most effective snoring solution that fits you

- It is designed and developed for both back and side sleepers

View our one minute video that explains the Patney:\

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