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Rinnai NZ Ltd

Hello we’re Rinnai New Zealand – the proud pioneers behind many of the heating solutions Kiwis enjoy.

We are a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation (the world’s most innovative heating appliance manufacturer) we have constant access to the latest developments and technology.

And we’re proud of our Kiwi heritage; designing and manufacturing all our gas fires right here at home, with our gas hot water solutions designed in Japan – we believe our local commitment adds a touch of magic to the way we deliver our solutions. Our low pressure copper hot water cylinders are fully manufactured right here at home in NZ. We also put a  lot of research and development into designing and sourcing the highest quality components from Europe for our enamel and stainless steel cylinders which are assembled here in our Auckland manufacturing plant. 

We don’t mean to brag, but we are history makers – being the first company to introduce continuous flow gas hot water to Kiwis.

Our Rinnai INFINITY ® gas hot water range still leads the market today, with the highest star ratings in the non-condensing category. Providing a saving of up to 66% in water heating each month, this is one of our best creations yet.

Rinnai's wholly-owned subsidiary Brivis is New Zealand’s leading gas ducted central heating solution distributed by Rinnai NZ in New Zealand from 5 January 2017.  Each system is expertly put together and tailored to your home by your Specialist Brivis Dealer.  The beauty of central heating is what you don’t see, it’s all hidden within the walls of your home - just vents to let the heat out and a controller to deliver controllable warmth to the whole home.

A reputation for innovation, reliability and quality for over 50 years has led to Brivis being recognized as the leading New Zealand gas ducted heating solution. 

Our services, too, are well-known for their speed and reliability. We operate 5 days a week with on-call professional technicians ready to assist you in whatever emergency repairs or maintenance you require.

Brivis has been helping people choose climate systems for 50 years: we know all there is to know about heating systems.Our Brivis systems are tailored for New Zealand homes & with Brivis you can choose the right system that suits your life style.