Eco Products, Electronic & Electrical Products, Leisure Activities , Travel is New Zealand's premier reseller of electric unicycles and creator of the popular EUC Bodyguard, a protective cover we sell worldwide.

While we have reasonable public transport in a lot of our larger metropolitan areas - the problem is that it may not be as close or as frequent as would be desirable. And this is where EUC come into the picture...

Whether it is moving you between public transport and home/work or moving you the whole way - using a EUC can be a serious, practical and fun solution! It’s like flying along the ground as you are hands-free, but we have to give you this warning “EUC’s can be extremely addictive”.

We truly believe these are the future of personal transportation, they are environmentally friendly, only cost cents to charge, and look great – there is one for everyone, no matter if you want to go far, fast or both!