Sustain & Enable Consulting Services

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Sustain & Enable Consulting Services

Sustain & Enable is a Community Organisation, Social Enterprise and Environmental Consultancy. We support and encourage people to care for the environment, do meaningful work, and live healthy, sustainable lifestyles with minimal stress and maximum time with the people we love.

We design and enable environmentally sustainable projects for the benefit of the planet and provide goods and services to individuals and organisations that enhance and encourage sustainable living best practice.

Our Vision: “Healthier Homes, Zero Waste. A flourishing network of eco-neighbourhoods and resilient, connected communities by 2050.”

 “Through expert planning and delivery of environmental programmes, we enable people and organisations to make informed, ethical, affordable, and sustainable choices that make everyone better off.”

Our Mission: “to help people live in healthier homes and reduce the waste they send to landfill”

Our target this year is to “help 2000 people live in healthier homes or reduce the waste they send to landfill”