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Yompai Limited


Yompai is based in Gisborne and we import and sell handmade Teak Utensils, made from sustainably harvested Teak wood. Each of the pieces is individually crafted in a small Thai village Baan Lak Nai Pa Yai,  which means Small House in the Forest. It is part of the Thai Queens Sustainable Projects initiatives, aimed at restoring the natural Thai environment and giving villagers work that utilise their skills and knowledge in their home village, rather than having to leave to work in Bangkok. 

The wood used is nearly all "Second Life" wood, taken from old furniture, housing being demolished or wood not needed on building sites. The villagers are also replanting Teak and other woods in land around their village.

Each piece is beautifully crafted and incredibly tactile, but it is also made to be used. Use in cooking or eating, use to prepare food. 

No chemicals or lacquers used, just natural oils so completely food safe.