Why Exhibit?

Exhibitions deliver face-to-face interactive and cost effective marketing opportunities for serious potential sales.

Jade Promotions & Events Home & Garden Shows are focused, high impact marketing tools, realising profit objectives for hundreds of New Zealand companies annually. You will maximise contact with existing and future customers, enabling you to grow and strengthen your business objectives.

Accelerate the sales process

Our Shows give you the chance to meet people who are genuinely interested in gaining home improvement ideas and purchasing related products. You can answer questions, overcome objections, demonstrate how your product works and increase your brand exposure.

Strengthen Your Profit Potential

Jade Promotions has developed its unique and effective style since 1990. We have staged more than 150 Shows during this time, ensuring extensive experience in organising such events. Choosing only the best venues, we have established a winning formula for exhibitors. By creating a professional and exciting environment that is irresistible to visitors, you will enjoy the benefits of exhibiting with us.

Why Jade Promotions & Events?

Sharing our expertise and knowledge with you is part of our service. If you are new to the exhibition environment, we can show you simple ways to make the first time a great success. All our venues provide excellent facilities to assist you with your business transactions. We understand your need to grow your business, and will accommodate for your requirements as much as possible.

Master the Market

To ensure that your target market is at the Show, we implement extensive marketing campaigns. We invest in effective media promotions, integrating television, radio, newspaper, bold signage, flyers and direct marketing methods. Proper planning and expert delivery ensures excellent results every time. We create the desire in home enthusiasts to visit our Home & Garden Shows.

In summary, Why Should Your Company Exhibit?

  • On-the-spot sales
  • Initiate positive leads
  • Strengthen or introduce your company brand
  • Launch a new product
  • Research your target market
  • Inform the public of how your product works
  • Enhance existing customer relationships
  • Build new relationships and expand your company database
  • Target a new market
  • Meet professionals in a similar business


Register Your Interest

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